Seattle Listing Videos brings the best of your real estate marketing assets in one simple location. We combine captivating videos and stunning imagery in a single package (or each individually). With those two powers combined, the results can be incredible. Take this success story with real estate agent Roopika Mehra for example.

When Roopika was approached to list this property in Redmond, it had previously been on the market for 151 days. And in those five months the listing price dropped 25%.

Seattle Listing Videos Success Story

And then Roopika took over the listing and did what she does best.

“We reimagined the home, updated the house essentials, staged like a dream and marketed it to realize its true potential,” she posted on Facebook. Included in that marketing effort was our Seattle Listing Videos photos and video of the property.

The result: the property sold in just eight days! And the home went for nearly $1 million.

We’re thrilled to be a part of Roopika’s incredible success story. In fact, we have many more just like this to share. It all comes down to the proper creation of photos, videos and Matterport services. Again, we tackle all of these in a one-stop shop at Seattle Listing Videos. There is no need to hire multiple vendors to help you achieve your goals.

Seattle Listing Videos Success Photo

We are extremely proud of the work we do. We capture and create every asset as portfolio material. And we would love to share your real estate success stories. Please contact us or connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter. Let’s create incredible content together!

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