There are thousands of real estate professionals in the Seattle area alone. Buyers and sellers have their pick of who they want to help them navigate the market. So the big question is: what can you do to stand out in real estate?

There are some obvious answers to what make you standout in real estate, like experience and market knowledge. And then there is the not so obvious answer: real estate marketing. And going deeper than that: high quality content creation.

Content Creation Helps You Stand Out in Real Estate

Stand Out in Real Estate Quality Content Exterior

Most people think of real estate marketing materials and content creation only for showcasing a property. But you need to flip the script. Not only does professional real estate photography and videography make your properties stand out, it also makes you stand out as a real estate professional.

The keyword there is “professional.” When my wife and I were looking to buy a home, we visited numerous open houses on our own. The range of real estate agents went from absolutely lazy to top-notch professional. And that’s exactly how we found a real estate agent to help us buy our home, navigating open houses. The professionals stand out in a big way. And they’re easy to spot.

High Quality Photography & Videography

A big reason professionals stand out in real estate is their use of high quality photography and videography:

1) It’s nice and easy to look. And let’s be real: that’s how most people get their first impression of a property now, looking at photos, videos, Matterport and floor plans online. If content isn’t created well, it doesn’t show the property in its best form, and it’s easy for people to simply move on.

2) A real estate professional that takes their job seriously will do anything to sell a property. If I see an agent using every tool in their real estate marketing toolbox, I know they are someone I want to work with as a seller. I want someone committed to taking every step possible to sell my house, not scaling back to just make a little more money in the end. I want a real estate professional that looks out for me and not just themselves.

Stand Out in Real Estate Quality Content Living Room

People consume content in very different ways. Some want to click through every picture, or every circle on a virtual home tour. Others want to watch home listing videos, allowing them to see the highlights of a property and the lifestyle it can provide. If everyone consumes real estate content differently, you need to cater to every possible audience. Otherwise, they’ll move on to the next listing without a second thought.

So, what can you do to stand out in real estate? Create high quality content and marketing materials (and don’t forget about AI). It doesn’t just reflect on the property, it also reflects on you the real estate professional. Let it be known to buyers and sellers in the market that you’re professional and willing to do everything you can to satisfy them. This is simple step you can take with a huge return on investment.

Stand Out in Real Estate Quality Content Kitchen

We’ll Help You Stand Out in Real Estate

If you’re looking for a real estate marketing partner, be sure to contact us. We tackle every piece of content all in one place: photography, videography, Matterport, and floor plans. There is no need to juggle multiple contractors. We make it easy by taking care of everything for you. And don’t just take our word for it — glimpse at these testimonials.

We serve the entire Seattle Metropolitan Area real estate market at Moarly Creative, including Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Sammamish, and everywhere in between. Be sure to check out our Seattle video production company on Vimeo and YouTube to see what else we are capable of. And know that we are also a proud member of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties.